Affliction locks rejoice.

July 31, 2008

If this remains true, the imp just got upgraded to a high-strength industrial-grade uber-riffic mana battery.

An imp’s mana regen is already pretty impressive but, boosting it by 200% is insane! But a good type of insanity, one where you see the woman of your dreams frolicking in a tiny bikini and dancing with a balloon that has your picture plastered on it.


DAY 25: Lackluster sitings ahead…

July 31, 2008

Despite reading everything I can pertaining to when invites will be going out I still scrabble to check my email whenever I log on and…hold on. Yeh, still nothing there. Should be tomorrow that I’ll be joining my hither-to unforeseen brethren in the wilds of Northrend.

I think I’ll run around with my paladin first. From the looks of some the beta information I’ve run into, they’re getting quite the through scrubbing up. Being a protection paladin first and above, all the protection tree news interested me greatly.

Speaking of my paladin: I got the opportunity to main tank Netherspite last night. This might not seem a big deal to many veteran tankers but, to someone who only just made it to level 70 a few scant weeks ago and have, until this point, never tanked a raid instance in their MMO careers, it was quite an exhilarating experience. Sure, I’ve done a few 5-mans here and there to get the odd trinket or piece of armor but, tanking a raid is a much different experience, in my opinion. I believe I’m quite addicted to tanking now, and have barely looked at my warlock in the past few weeks.

To say I have a new main might be pushing it a bit but, come WotLK – maybe.


July 30, 2008

Yomu is the Japanese verb ‘to read.’

Witty, huh?

So, blogging…and WoW…and WotLK.

July 30, 2008

I read an article on WoW Insider about blogging; maybe you’ve heard of it. It got me interested. I mean, honestly, I became interested in blogging at a blogging site reading an article about getting into blogging.

I’m a big World of Warcraft fan. I’ve been playing since I saw an article about the open beta way back in 2004. My account’s been active since release day; that’s the longest I’ve ever stayed interested in a game before. I don’t have a clinically insane number of level 70 characters – I only have two – and I’m not really into determining the damage coefficients of class spells and abilities. I do, however, love to play this game. There’s something about that draws me in and holds me down. Most of my friend’s that started playing with me have moved on to other things but I remain. I alone continue to journey for that elusive greater truth hidden out there among the rushes.

Or maybe I’m just a loon.

So, anyway, to the point of this grand experiment! I went to Blizzcon ’07 and got one of those handy-dandy little cards with the Murloc pet and the secret beta keycode. I didn’t really think about when I got back from California and just passed out on my bed for about three days. I live in Germany, see, so it’s a long trip there and back because I’m a complete geek for WoW. My wife thinks it’s hilarious, too, don’t worry. Well, I heard through the grapevine that those beta codes would be redeemable for a spot in the Wrath of the Lich King beta coming up. “Joy!” I said, and went on a search for the card. After finding the card and entering it, I waited with barely contained nerdery for my beta invite.

I’m still waiting.

Apparently, I missed the first wave July 14th cut-off by about two days and I’m relegated to the much maligned second wave of beta invites which, according to my super-secret sources, should be on or around August 1st. Well, it’s not really my source so much as my inability to cope with my inability to find that stupid card in time and being glued to my email like some kid licking wallpaper because it tastes like some made up fruit.

So, when I get my invite I want to post my findings, facts, opinions, and clearly made up lies here for those that aren’t so lucky as me, who will undoubtedly neglect my characters on the live realms to play around and test out the changes that will probably be changed anyway.

I hope you enjoy it and read something of use because, Lord above, I’m going to do my best to do my best.